I work with women aged between 25 and 50 who are committed to their careers and families but have forgotten about their own health.

Are you confused by all the mixed messages getting thrown around?

Want to feel good about the food that you eat?

Do you sometimes feel guilty after eating food that you enjoy?

Is food your best friend and your worst enemy?

Are you ready to make some changes? 

What separates me from others is that what I offer is based on results, science and a genuine want to help others.




Whether your focus is to find more energy, lose some weight, eat better or simply improve your health, Lamorna Nutrition for Life course will help you achieve your goals.

I grew up in Leighton Buzzard and slowly got snarled up in the corporate world of IT sales during my 20's. I was very successful but something inside me was screaming out, telling me that this wasn’t me, telling me to follow my dreams.

Listening to my heart led to retraining as a Personal Trainer, winning my first ever white collar boxing match and ditching the heels for trainers! Helping others was something that had been instilled since my childhood, and seeing my clients reach their goals, whether it be to drop a dress size, grow in confidence or look great for their wedding – I knew this was meant for me (sometimes I would get more excited than them!)

The more I read, learnt and practised, the more I realised that Nutrition had just as big a part to play (if not bigger) than the time my clients spent training in my gym, and that I could have a greater impact on my clients if I knew even more. Therefore I spent my spare time qualifying as a Nutritionist. I chose to learn with MacNutrition Uni who run the only 12 month evidence based course available.

My method of practice is all about applying science backed research to everyday life. Food is something that gives me so much joy. A good meal has the ability to make me so happy, my mood instantly changes when I taste something delicious and I can just sink into the feeling! A bad meal… well it can just make me sad. It also makes me frustrated when I see that people can’t enjoy food in the same way that I have learnt to and are covered with guilt moments after eating.

My aim is to help as many people as possible learn to love food again.


What are you waiting for?